Connecticut Facility Network

Connecticut Facility Network

Welcome to the LogistiCare Facility Web Site for Connecticut. This site hosts information and forms that Medical Facilities in Connecticut can use to schedule recurring or single trip requests for Husky A, C and D Medicaid Members.

We have established a dedicated Facility Department with Facility Representatives devoted to servicing all facility requests. A dedicated phone line has been created for the exclusive use of Facility Staff. The employees of LogistiCare are committed to ensuring the needs of the Medicaid Member are met from the reservation process through their return trip.

We also have a Facility Manager whose specific role is to manage the Facility Department and interact with Facilities throughout the State. Field observation is also conducted by our Field Monitor who is dedicated to monitoring transportation in the field.

For general questions, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions Page or review our Connecticut Facility Brochure which is available for download.

The Facility Resource Website specifically designed to focus on Facility questions and inquiries is

We have provided a Connecticut Member Resource Website specifically designed to focus on a member’s questions and inquiries. The link is

The forms on this site are stored in PDF format. Your computer must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed for you to be able to read and print the forms. If you do not have a copy of Adobe Acrobat, you can download it for free at

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Any facilities having specific questions or concerns, please contact LogistiCare's Facility Outreach Coordinator, Cheryl Smith at

To: All CT Medical Assistance Program Providers and Members
Subject: CT Medicaid Access Monitoring Review Plan (AMRP)

Effective January 4, 2016, the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) adopted regulations at 42 C.F.R. §§ 447.203 and 447.204 that require state Medicaid programs to ensure Medicaid members have access to covered services. Please follow this link: to read the federal regulations. The Department of Social Services (DSS), Connecticut’s state Medicaid agency, is committed to ensuring that Medicaid members can access the services they need. DSS is also committed to complying with the federal access requirements.

Medicaid Access Monitoring Review Plan

The federal access regulations require DSS to prepare an access monitoring review plan (“access plan”), which must analyze how Medicaid members have access to medically necessary covered services, including analysis of data sources, methodologies, baselines, assumptions, trends, factors, and thresholds. States must also consider information about access from providers, members, and other stakeholders. DSS has prepared a draft access plan for Connecticut’s Medicaid program, which is posted on the Medicaid Access Monitoring Review Plan web page at (follow the link once on this site) or for the direct PDF copy of the AMRP go to

DSS invites providers, Medicaid members, other stakeholders, and the public to review the access plan and send comments about the plan. Instructions on submission of comments are located on the Medicaid Access Monitoring Review Plan web page.

Our Commitment

We never lose focus on the human needs of our riders and the practical day-to-day challenges faced by their health care providers.